Times, they are a Changin’

Or so sang Bob Dylan as he looked at changes in the sixties, you know, when Tottenham ruled the World (Well England and Europe anyway).

Been a few games since I last put 0s and 1s to electronic paper and in that time we have played another four games. The Europa campaign started with a deserved three points (and a typical Spurs scare). Six points gained in the league and a loss to the mortal enemy from South London.

Looking at each game briefly we saw the introduction to the faithful of Heung-Min Son and two goals against the Azerbaijani champions. Ok! they scored first and looked a better team than many would have given them credit for before the game but to be fair they did beat Inter last season so it should not have been that much of a surprise. It seems that the coaching staff had noticed their strengths and at the end of the day we won quite easily to clock up three points.

Next up was the visit of Crystal Palace who Pardew has turned into a dangerous unit especially away from home. This wasn’t the easiest of victories but we were probably the better of the two teams and deserved the three points. Again this was a day for Son to impress as he scored the only goal of the game and allowed us to move quite rapidly up the table.

And so to the Capitol Coca Cola Milk Cup or whatever the League Cup is known as these days. Both sides were expected to make changes and sure enough they did. A few eyebrows were raised as many Spurs fans would have wanted us to play a strong team to win this and rest players against a City team we had no chance of beating anyway.

The game followed a pretty familiar pattern with the opponents taking the lead but fair play to the selected 11, they forced their way back into the game as a Chadli cross forced an own goal and we then dominated to the extent that a second Spurs goal seemed inevitable. Very small margins in the modern game and if Harry Kane’s spectacular scissor kick had traveled a few millimetres more before Gibbs put his head in the way I really believe we would have carried on to win the match.

Their winner came after a mistake but it was one of those shots that on any other day would have found it’s way up to row Z. Small margins and with hindsight the performance from a changed side was actually quite good. Kane seemed to be trying too hard to get that first goal, much like he has in a few games, but overall we were not outplayed. We did come unstuck when we tried to change things and Wenger bided his time until he saw what we were doing before making his changes but although it hurts to lose that one, In the bigger scheme of things not a disaster in my opinion.

And so to Sunday and the game we were never going to win. A full strength side and again it was a typical Spursey type first half. Never really outplayed but falling behind. At this point of the game the heavy defeat looked even more inevitable. Hint of offside maybe? But deservedly behind. And then the team Spirit and the desire to prove something kicked in. Another Offside as the ball was played wide to Walker , who by now was already in Edmonton, Not that the lineman noticed that Cross not dealt with and Eric Dier hitting the sweetspot and scoring just before Half Time. The game was just starting to get interesting. Lamela discovered his talent that we see far too infrequently and wins a free kick. (probably should have passed it but I’ll forgive him this time. Eriksens free kick hits the bar and falls to an offside (Those Linesman should have gone to Specsavers) Harry Kane who placed it into the net. Not having time to overthink the shot probably helped him but Kane was now finally off the mark so he should now be able to relax a bit.

Two – one and not a legal goal amongst them. But we hadn’t finished and the team went on to finish the job in style with two more excellent goals (How many of you though Lamela had overcooked it as he tried to see how far round the keeper he could go before he scored the 4th – be honest?). City’s heaviest defeat to us in the League since Dylan recorded that song and we are now the only team in the Premier League not to lose one of their last six matches. Perhaps the team selection on the Wednesday was vindicated by this result but now we need to find some consistency.

This is starting to look like a League where even the best teams are going to drop points. Perhaps the lesser teams have got better or perhaps the top teams are not as good as Sky would have us believe. We have the Spirit, The Band of Brothers attitude in the squad, the camaraderie and a squad of young talented players that seem to have something to prove. All it will take is consistency to be up there challenging, certainly for the top four and the Sky favourites will not have let that performance go unnoticed.


In 2009 Dylan released “I feel a change comin’ on”. If we can find some consistency who knows, Maybe Times they are a changin’

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