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A Beautiful Game?

We are very good at excusing ourselves in football.  How easily we can dismiss behaviour as “Just a bit of banter”.  If anyone questions “Offensive behaviour”, they are accused of sanitising the game.  In the past few seasons however, we have also seen a backlash of sorts.  The Sol Campbell case, the prosecution of fans for offensive chanting.  We have seen footballers coming out and talking about depression, Racism rearing its ugly head again, and with the advent of twitter, the ability to directly abuse players has become easier.  I watched the Liverpool Man Utd game from the comfort of the sofa yesterday, in my sanitised comfortable environment.  For an hour and a half, I witnessed the vast majority of the crowd booing a man who complained that he was the victim of racial abuse, a complaint which was upheld.  We saw Liverpool fans making monkey gestures, and these were widely circulated around Twitter, and seen by millions.  Continue reading

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