So Proud.

Some posts from the NLP Forum that I feel need sharing;

Firstly from Ray

So proud of this team. Wonderful football. Great work ethic. Just marvellous to watch. Whatever happens, I just feel so so proud….

When asked how long he had been a Spurs fan;

51 years. Alive but too young to remember the Double winning season. I am not as old as some on here despite what others would have you believe but as some of the posters know on here, I am a bit of a sentimentalist and very family oriented and I am so happy that my son having a season to remember and enjoying it with me – albeit often by messaging. Like many of you he has taken some terrible stick over the years at school and at Uni (lots of Arse fans around him) but has kept his council as I advised him and he is as proud of our Club as I am and my father before. No matter what happens no one can take that feeling away

And then from Missing Link;

I wanted to respond properly to Ray’s post because seeing his passion and enjoyment of this current side is one of the best posts I’ve read on here in years. So, here’s how I’m feeling about us right now…

This Spurs team is just the most enjoyable I’ve had the privilege of following. More than that they’re possibly the most likeable side the PL has seen in years too – the way they present themselves after games is really impressive and heart-warming. We are in such a good place right now – lead by an incredibly humble but talented manager, with players constantly talking about the team and fighting for each other rather than their own stats, a team that clearly like each other and want to fight for one another, with no tantrums or demands of £300k plus wages, a team that isn’t doping or filming themselves having sex with girls of dubious age… I could go on. Basically they’re the sort of team that I will want to take my children to see because the whole thing is worth being proud of. (I’m not sure what the analogous clubs across the water are but suspect Dortmund fans feel the same about their club.)

It’s a team of young and talented players who aren’t superstars (yet) but are happy being part of the system that seems to be getting the best out of all of them. Hearing people like Ray talk about their pride in the side is just fantastic, and it makes me doubly glad that I’ve got to see this team develop so quickly (seemingly week by week). Whatever they achieve in the next few weeks and years the spirit, commitment and quality of the overall performances will take some beating. There have been individuals better for sure, but no team has come close to this in my lifetime.

I did what a lot of fans will have done in recent weeks and looked at our finishes in the PL compared to the Scum and I have to say I couldn’t quite believe how bang average we have been for two thirds of my life – we didn’t finish in a European spot until I was 21 ffs. Leicester might be the fairy-tale but we’re the long-term project come good if there ever was one. Say what you will about the way we’ve been run in the last 15 years or so but to have a new stadium on the horizon, the best training facilities in Europe and this squad and management and I’m getting to the point where I might have to accept we’re becoming a top side.


Just about sums up what its like to be a fan of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club at the moment doesn’t it?

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