Expectations too high maybe?

There was a lot of expectation around the Lane today amid a game that was certainly going to be the first real test of the Pochettino era. Some of that expectation was probably far too high given that we have only really played some pretty poor teams thus far. There was also the fear that there would be a massive knee jerk if the result was a heavy defeat for a team unchanged from the one that defeated Queens Park rangers with some style. Liverpool, without Suarez would surely be a weakened side was one thought , totally ignoring the…

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It was only QPR

‘”It was only QPR” is a comment I have seen around the web and in other more old fashioned media today and whilst that is true to an extent, it does seem to me that some Spurs fans are not even happy when we play well. It’s as if they are not happy unless they have something to moan about, so is it any wonder that Spurs fans have a reputation for being fickle? Whilst I do not intend to follow every match with a match report (I simply do not have the time) I will from time to time…

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Thoughts from The Boleyn

It’s very easy to get carried away with a first result away from home in the opening game of the season against an old rival like West Ham, and to be fair it was a great feeling when Eric Diers composed finish ended up in the back of the net continuing a fine tradition of winning at The Boleyn in extra time, but there was a lot more to this game than an away win. There was a lot of interest in how Spurs would line up and set themselves out in Pochettinos first competitive outing as our manager and…

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The Story So Far

To be fair there is not much of a story so far. Since Mauriccio Pochettino has arrived at White Hart Lane we have seen five pre-season games, 4 signings and the usual ITK and rumour (Some of which seems more likely than most). In those five games a number of players that we probably won’t see a lot of have had some time on the pitch (indeed Falque has departed for Genoa for example) and some of our bigger names haven’t featured at all. We’ve seen the same old defensive slip ups at times, the same glaring sitters missed, 16…

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