A Win is a Win

Whilst I was doing something else on Sunday (something that some people would say is more suited to someone of my age) Spurs were playing their first game after the international break at Sunderland with both teams looking to gain their first win of the season. After I came out of the gig I was at I read various reports and comments that left the impression that it was a dreadful game so when I got home I played back the recording of it expecting the worst . And you know what? I didn’t think it was as bad as some would have us believe.

Admittedly the first half was not what some would call exciting but we could have had a penalty in the first minute or so and we did create some chances. As did Sunderland but when you have a striker as good as Defoe you would expect that. Overall I though we played fairly well and in the end the best move of the game resulted in the winning goal.

Both teams looked a tad anxious to notch up their first victory and to ensure they didn’t make any glaring mistakes that would cost the three points. Perhaps the win wasn’t deserved but we did enough to deserve to get something out of the game and how often in recent years would a Spurs team have lost that one? No, a win is a win and away from home the points are more important than the level of the performance. One hopes that the win will also instill some confidence and allow the players to relax a bit and not try too hard. The move for the goal was a wonderful example of a Tottenham one touch move and involved players that have come in for their fair share of stick. That in itself was promising and as the likes of Son settle there are signs for optimism.

As this is the first comment from me since the transfer window closed its worth commenting on that as well. With Sundays announcement that Adebayor has left the building we now know exactly what tools Pochettino has to work with and in the main I am quite happy with what I have seen. Everyone wanted us to sign a proper Defensive midfielder but is seems that Eric Dier is stepping confidently into that role. Indeed, at Sunderland he was even most peoples man of the match. Toby Alderwiereld seems to have settled into the defence and is even looking to have settles the occasionally erratic Vertongen. In Dele Alli we seem to have purchased a rising star and it is nice to see that our youth have not been excluded by new faces.

Most people would agree though that not signing a striker could be a mistake. In many ways I would agree with that but I certainly not want us to just sign the wrong player for the sake of signing someone. N’Jie and Son, whilst not out and out strikers will offer us alternative options so the lack of a second striker, whilst of some concern is not necessarily a disaster.

We now go into a Europa League game against a team that not many will have heard of and perhaps this game will be used to give the likes of Wimmer and Trippier their first outing in the lilywhite shirt. (two more early signings unlike the last minute deals we have become accustomed to). At home on a Thursday night under the lights, this should be the perfect chance to get of to a good start in the group stages of a misjudged (in my opinion) competition.

One last comment about the Sunderland game to do with refereeing. We had two players that had to replace their ripped shirts (Walker and Kane) and yet no-one was penalised for shirt pulling despite some of it being very obvious. Yes, we were lucky to not concede a penalty ourselves for a tug back by Toby but am I alone in thinking that the refereeing in the Premier league this season has left a lot to desired?

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