A Need to Hang on in There

On what was another uninspiring day it became evident that we need to learn how to hang on in there. And I’m not just talking about the team, but us as supporters as well.

There is an obvious need to do something about the concentartion on the pitch when we get in front. We got it wrong last week against Stoke and yesterday we could even hold on for two minutes. Thes lapses in concentration have to be addressed. After Deli Allis first goal for us we needed to get back, get in shape and concentrate. We needed an experienced player on the pitch to yell at those less experienced .You would think that Vertongen would fall into that category but it was his poor defending that made it all to easy for Leicester to get backinto the game (and give them the confidence to try and win it).

On a very hot day requiring drinks breaks (Not sure whether I agree with these or not) the first half was a pretty insipid affair with leicester content to put ten men behind the ball and let us have all the possession. Without the craft and guile to find a way through we were effectively restricted to two shots from Mousa Dembele.

At least in the second half Leicester had a bit of a go but we still dominated possession and I think deservedly took the lead (although it could be argued that Vertongen was very fortunate to have not gifted them a penalty in the first half) with a well crafted goal as Chadli placed the ball on a plate for Alli to head in. But that’s when it all went wrong. We took to long to get back, a couple of the team were too casual (pulling socks up instead of getting back into position) and perhaps they felt they had just about done enough. But in this League any team is capable of forcing a goal if you t let your concentration lapse and that is what we did to our cost.

Now I will always take a point away from home but you win Leagues by winning games like yesterdays. You nick a lead (sometimes against the run of play) and then close it out. We seem incapable of that and that needs addressing quickly. There is still a week of the transfer window available to address the obvious shortcomings A I hope that the management and scoutingteams can see what is patently obvious to thos of us that simply watch. I have often said we are only two or three players away from being a very good side but we often seem to buy the wrong players and remain two or three away. Lets get it right this time. A playmaker/leader and some creativity to sort out the mess that is too many similar players in the middle and we may just manage it.

I will not be commenting on next weeks game as I will be taking in some sun and some culture but I hope to hear while I am away of (at least) two signings that will address the issues and I am prepared to wait until they bed down in the ‘system’ before giving any further judgment. Pochettino’s only been here a year and I believe we owe him some time to get this disjointed bunch of misfits sorted out. I believe he can and we owe it to him to be patient.

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