Times, they are a Changin’

Or so sang Bob Dylan as he looked at changes in the sixties, you know, when Tottenham ruled the World (Well England and Europe anyway). Been a few games since I last put 0s and 1s to electronic paper and in that time we have played another four games. The Europa campaign started with a deserved three points (and a typical Spurs scare). Six points gained in the league and a loss to the mortal enemy from South London. Looking at each game briefly we saw the introduction to the faithful of Heung-Min Son and two goals against the Azerbaijani…

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A Win is a Win

Whilst I was doing something else on Sunday (something that some people would say is more suited to someone of my age) Spurs were playing their first game after the international break at Sunderland with both teams looking to gain their first win of the season. After I came out of the gig I was at I read various reports and comments that left the impression that it was a dreadful game so when I got home I played back the recording of it expecting the worst . And you know what? I didn’t think it was as bad as…

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A Need to Hang on in There

On what was another uninspiring day it became evident that we need to learn how to hang on in there. And I’m not just talking about the team, but us as supporters as well. There is an obvious need to do something about the concentartion on the pitch when we get in front. We got it wrong last week against Stoke and yesterday we could even hold on for two minutes. Thes lapses in concentration have to be addressed. After Deli Allis first goal for us we needed to get back, get in shape and concentrate. We needed an experienced…

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